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When Your Inner Diva Comes to Work! Mirror Mirror – May 8 Vol II

Dressing subtly to work doesn’t always cut it for me because I like to use my style to express my mood. I’ve always felt that people are likely to have a preferred sense of style based on their personality. So I wanted to know if there’s a correlation between my personality and my style. I recently took a clothing test (link) to determine if I was an introvert or extrovert. The test revealed that I’m a mild extrovert, which was pretty much consistent with results from other personality assessments I’ve taken.  Basically, when it comes to expressing my fashion sense, I typically stay stylishly mellow by wearing neutrals but I sometimes need to exude a dose of diva. On those days when I’m in the mood to express my inner diva, I dress in vibrant colors, bold prints and oversized separates. So this week, I decided to strut to work as ‘Queen Ganiyat’ by dressing in vivid red and huge polka dot prints.

Bold colored suits are not new to the ready to wear arena. Zara and Topshop have great selections of colored suits this spring. Polka dots are also very popular this season and yes, Zara has them in numerous styles and colors.

I’ve included links (highlighted in red) to available items in the pictures below.



Suit – Zara (Blazer & Pants)          Pumps – Zara          Bracelet – Express



With so many ways to combine red for work, wearing all red is one of the fiercest options. It screams runway model meets edgy corporate executive.




This double-breasted blazer from Zara is ‘wicked sharp‘. I like that the pocket and button details are simple yet classic.



Top – Zara           Palazo Pants – Zara          Jacket – Topshop



No doubt, black and white polka dot prints are refreshingly chic. Polka dots are timeless beauties that convey playful elegance. And what I really like about them is that, the bigger the size of the dots, the bolder your look. I found this pretty puff sleeve polka dot top at Zara for less than $25. And I just have to say that it is crisp, cute and cosy 😉 .




Prints and bright-colored suits are a few of my work appropriate diva style tips.

Ladies, how do you style to show off your inner diva?



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