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The Unusual ‘Shoes’-pects! Mirror Mirror – April 24 Vol II

When I think of typical shoes ladies wear to work, solid color pumps, brogues, boots, moccasins and flats come to mind. But being an admirer of unique shoes, I like to wear bold and interesting footwear to the office. And for some weird reason, I was in the mood to wear some simple neutral outfits (like black and tan), while still looking fierce and chic. So I decided to strut to work in mules this week. Mules are  so in this spring and they come in a wide range of intriguing styles and colors. I’ve included links to available items in this post in the pictures below.



Jacket – Topshop          Tunic – Uniqlo          Pants (similar) – Zara          Mules – Zara          Earrings – Mango



I like that this tweed fabric mules from Zara are eye-catching yet subtle. It  complimented my all black attire for a classy business/business casual look. Mules like sandals stand out with cropped pants, dresses and skirts. In terms of where to rock mules, I’d wear it out casually, to work and even to a cocktail event. They are soooo comfortable. I mean walking on clouds comfy. Did I mention that they are very cosy, lol.



Suede Top – Zara          Pants – Zara          Necklace – Mango Outlet           Pumps – Jeffrey Campbell



BTW, since the theme of this post is striking shoes, I had to show these baroque patterned pumps, which I also wore to work this week. Although I have had them for over 5 years, these shoes are timeless edge factors.

Least I forget, I have a funny story about the suede top from Zara (picture above). So I spilled some water on my top a few minutes before taking this picture. You can imagine how freaked out I was especially because I was camera ready. And I was in no mood to change for work. For a minute, I calmed down and decided to look at my wet top and to my surprise, there was no wet spot. I was so relieved and thought to myself…Yaayyy…I got a stylish and water-resistant top.  I like the structure of this top and I also like that it is versatile…looks good with professional or casual fits and pairs nice with neutral or bold colors. So if you are somewhat clumsy like myself, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in this suede top from Zara.

And back to the striking foot beauties. If you love fierce shoes, you can wear them to work as long as you compliment them with simple outfits. You definitely don’t need to tone down your shoe game at work. 😉


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