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Kick Start Year 2017 with Eye-Catching Staples: Its all in the Details…

Looking subtly stylish doesn’t require a lot of effort or resources. For elegant yet timeless looks, I recommend dressing up with striking accessories. I’m going to share my favorite accessories from 2016 that I plan to continue rocking this year.

Pretty Pins

Suit up…dress down…couture, brooches have a way of adding some attitude to any outfit. I usually amp up monochromatic or neutral colored outfits with brooches. My go to store for brooches is Topshop.




Neutral accessories like pearls are a must have fashion staple if you want to exude effortless sophistication. Pearls are versatile jewelries in that they are available in classic and reinvented styles. I prefer reinvented pearls which you can find at H&M and Topshop.



Black & Gold

There is something exquisite about gold and black that infuses glam into any outfit. To achieve that boss look, throw on a black…gold…or black and gold necklace. Amrita Singh and Topshop have a great selection of black and gold jewelries.




Big bold colorful necklaces are like designs used to beautify a plain canvas. On those lazy days, I throw on a statement necklace with basic or simple outfits. And for the divas, pair up a bold beeb with a structured silhouette outfit.




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