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Vacation Vibes Continued: Bus Hopping in Berlin

After spending an exciting time in Amsterdam, me and my travel buddy flew to Berlin for a weekend of fun.

My trip to Amsterdam taught me something important. As much I’ve tried to deny it, I enjoy laying back and relaxing during vacations. Taking note of this important lesson, I decided to take it easy with the sight-seeing in Berlin. I took the hop on hop off buses rather than walk around tourist attraction sights.


In the spirit of taking it easy, I decided to rest in on Day 1. Chilling in doors felt so good that I wanted to continue resting in through day 2. When I stepped out to get lunch, I ran into this beautiful sight close to my hotel. And I couldn’t resist taking some pictures there.

Goofing around in Berlin

Later that evening I took to the streets and hopped on a tour bus to explore Berlin. I was stunned by the beautiful cathedral buildings dispersed around the city.


On my last day in Berlin, I decided to do a mix of roaming and bus hopping. Around noon, I took a walk to Alexanderplatz and ran into a flash mob. These lovely people had a heartwarming message…they were trying to spread some positivity at a time filled with hate and intolerance.

Flash mob in Alexanderplatz

I spent my afternoon on the tour bus exploring the rest of the city. During this ride, I got to see the more historic parts of Berlin.

My time in Berlin was splendid and relaxing. I got the opportunity to rest and sight see on my own terms. Berlin is a city filled with exquisite architecture and intriguing history.

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