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Vacation Vibes: Roaming in Amsterdam

Hey lovelies…I know I’ve been MIA but it was for a good reason. I had a 2 week time out i.e. vacation…And I make it a point to stay away from any form of work during vacations (mentioned in my first post). So I visited Europe (Amsterdam & Berlin) with a good friend and it was quite a refreshing trip. And I’ll be spilling a bit of my Amsterdam experience in this post.



Amsterdam is the greenest place I’ve visited so far…The dutch people embrace many green practices like riding bikes in the city, recycling and energy conservation. Amsterdam is a beautiful city filled with interesting history. During my time here, I went to a lot of museums and roamed around the city.

I visited the Anne Frank museum, Van Gogh museum…and being a nerd, I couldn’t resist going to the Micropia museum.

Front of the Anne Frank museum
My travel buddy posing with Anne Frank’s statue

Prior to visiting Amsterdam, I did not know of Anne Frank’s story. The Anne Frank museum was the actual house where Anne’s family and a few acquaintances hid for about 2 years to avoid persecution during the holocaust. As I went through the house, it was chilling and quite emotional to understand the suffering of the Jewish people through the eyes of this teenage girl.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Van Gogh museum during an exhibition about Vincent Van Gogh’s mental illness. The exhibition highlighted the later years of Van Gogh’s life as an artist, particularly when he started loosing his mind. What I found really fascinating was the initial diagnosis of Van Gogh’s illness at that time and how frequently its evolved over the past 100 plus years.

I got so caught up with taking pictures of the city that I forgot to take pictures of myself…I finally got to it on my last day.

Amsterdam Goofing 1

I had a fabulous time in Amsterdam and I’d definitely recommend it as a great place to visit. There’s more to Amsterdam than most people perceive. Contrary to what comes to mind when many think of this city (red light district & legal pot smoking), it’s actually a beautiful city filled with kind, respectful, disciplined and hardworking people.

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